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Chempaka Pain Relief Clinic

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About Us

Our clinic is based on the belief that our clients' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

We believe (and all of our patients/clients wholeheartedly agree) we offer one of the best treatment and specialised therapy on the island and in the UK. We also believe that our Traditional Iban Massage and other massage treatments offer a truly wonderful experience that your body needs for relaxation and wellbeing.

We offer Pain Relief Therapy that works!

Proven from all of our patients and clients that have come to us after often years of long lasting abject chronic pain and all left "pain free".

We believe that everyone deserves to be pain free with a great way to relax and feel motivated. Try the best pain therapy and massage you have ever had at Chempaka Pain Relief Clinic and the Inner Sanctuary and let the exotic oils and fragrances carry you away....

Once you experience our pain relief treatments and massage service, you’ll not regret your decision to come to us. Enhance the benefits with every session you take.

We have an astounding 95% success rate on first time visits and 99% for those that follow up with therapy and resolutely follow our exercise protocols.


Clifton Hill,

Beaumont Road,


Isle of Man,



01624 817844

07624 459637 


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 9PM

Sat: 10AM - 8PM (Only by pre-arranged arrangement)

Strictly by appointment:

Directions to find us:

If you are coming off the mountain road, around the hairpin and Beaumont Road is the second road on your right. About halfway down the road you will see two tall Victorian houses (there’s only two on the whole road). Ours is the grey house on the right of the two with the red front door.

If you are coming from Ramsey, go towards the mountain road, past Coronation Park on the right, around the right hand bend and up the road and take the second left into Beaumont Road. We are on the left (see below).

Our Clinic's very successful treatment protocol and techniques have helped hundreds of people, even coming from as far away as Jersey and of course the UK..

That is the revolutionary message of our breakthrough system for treating and eliminating chronic pain without drugs, surgery, or expensive and lengthy alternative therapy.  

This treatment together with our specialized exercises which when followed resolutely offers the gift of being Pain Free and we are proud to be able to utilize our system to help our patients carry on to regain their proper bodily design form by teaching them restorative exercises and giving them homework to continue the treatment by themselves.

Chempaka Pain Relief Clinic - Our Heritage

Dr. Stephen and Tracy on the occasion of the opening of their new Clinic back in the Isle of Man.

Tracy’s grandmother (and her Grandmother’s grandfather - a renown and powerful healer from the area of Borneo in which he lived.) were well known and respected as true Iban Traditional Healers (passed on through family generations) and catered to the whole population of not only their own villages, but the surrounding areas and Tracy's grandmother duly passed on that secret and long heritage of teaching to her granddaughter Tracy Lee, the founder of Chempaka Inner Sanctum.

Tracy Lee (a mix of pure Chinese and Iban heritage) has many years of experience in Traditional Iban and Chinese Therapy,right from the horse’s mouth as it were, and not just learned in an overseas school that ultimately gleaned its knowledge from many different sources loosely bound together by a collection of westerners to teach as a so-called genuine art from the mystical east.

Tracy’s Grandmother helped her develop the “Healing Touch”; the “Feel” so that her hands and whole being can ‘feel’ the client’s disharmonies and start the healing process.

Tracy lived the heritage knowledge and breathed the art and was painstakingly trained over her growing years in Singapore and now uses that sacred knowledge to help find, diagnose and treat many of the aches and deep pains generally found today, including Trigger Points, besides of course carefully tending to your body and soul in general.

Since that time she was certified in Singapore in Advanced Chinese massage and Tui Na, Aromatherapy, Cupping and Gua Sha and has only been on one certification course in the UK since arriving 14 years ago, where she was completely shocked with the contents of the course, as it was so horribly bad! She knew more than the teacher! She discounts such certification with disdain.

There’s a definite truth in the fact that “You can’t be taught, TOUCH and FEEL”, and so many massage techniques taught in schools are watered down mixtures of mechanically taught strokes loosely bandied about in today’s pseudo massage world today. 

Tracy is extremely happy in her unique craft and completely encompasses her traditional massage, together with the family’s specialized stone and cupping therapy, if and where needed, that work so well with the overall massage.

She enjoys what she does and gets lost in the moment during all of her massages; it is so deep and intense and then soothing and relaxing all at once.

Tracy is also continuously learning after so many years and is also using our specialised pain relief “Incorporated Balance Method” system, and will eventually learn the overall teaching in time and continue the practice.

Many years have passed since the gifts of great and gifted visionaries were bestowed on Tracy and Dr. Stephen.

Both Tracy and Dr. Stephen believe in what they do and are thankful for their past mentors having learnt the best from the best! This little introduction helps explains about us a little more.

The Iban, and its close relative Javanese massage, uses specially prepared fragrant essences of wonder healing plants and aromatherapy, which will give you an experience you will forever cherish. 

Just lose yourself in the Experience and intimately join mind, body and soul.

See also the main page for Tracy at Chempaka Inner Sanctury, and other pages, Spa Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone and Aromatherapy

Dr. Percival, PhD, DipAc, CMT, lived in the USA for a total of 10 years and studied Osteopathy and then took further studies in the USA during those years. He then lived and studied in Asia for over 24 years, studying many forms of treatment systems, including Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

He continues his studies, as he says learning never ceases and over the years has developed his own unique system for a highly effective treatment system.

Don't just believe our statements; it's our patients’ and clients’ that shout aloud these very same sentiments!

Dr. Stephen spent 5 years studying TCM in Singapore, ultimately receiving a Diploma Certification and was treating there for a while, but was always rather disappointed with its ultimate results as far as pain relief and/or reduction were concerned.

So he continued his studies into other forms of acupuncture in Taiwan from 1988 until 1992. He studied both Master Tung’s acupuncture and the elusive I-Ching balance methods amongst other healing modalities. While there he studied Gua Sha, the ancient form of scraping the body to assist and complement both acupuncture and the other forms of body work we employ for maximum positive results.

In 1992, after he left his post as Associate Professor at the University College in northern Taiwan, he briefly joined a Buddhist Mission to Vietnam for 3 months carrying out the first ever foreign acupuncture and body work treatments for the poor and needy and then went to Thailand to study traditional healing there for 6 further months and finally returning to Singapore.

He also studied Advanced Chinese Massage, Tui Na and Chinese Manipulations and finds that these are somewhat echoed in many of the more modern studies. Seeing the similarities and differences has allowed both Tracy and Dr Stephen to utilize the best and most effective methods.

He has continued his studies in many other places; all together now over 45 years, and he still avidly continues his studies with University Certified studies and advanced techniques in healing modalities to keep abreast of what is “new” nowadays and still studies ancient and often lost esoteric Chinese texts to glean the hidden secrets from so long ago.

A lot of these systems have ultimately stemmed from various ancient family traditions and systems handed down through a family linage for millennia, while another is a refined system based on the others and mixed with modern day Neurology and other cutting edge modern concepts that we have dovetailed into our own unique system.

We, at the Chempaka Pain Relief Clinic have studied a mixture of methods from all over the world when it comes down to it. Much is discarded if found to be lacking or obvious rubbish, while other methods are utilized, dissected or refined into the overall concepts we have and still are developing.

As far as a small part of our overall system is concerned, it is safe to say that we definitively use a different acupuncture system to the TCM that most acupuncturists are trained in and to my knowledge we are the only therapists on the Isle of Man using such diverse and old balance systems subtly mixed into our “very own” neural techniques.

As stated we practice a mixture of ‘various Balance Methods’, which are diametrically, opposed and divergent systems to TCM and using our system regularly see immediate effects.

We do sometimes utilize certain TCM methods for internal diseases, or organ pains, but not very often. We literally ‘choose and use’ what “works” and our diverse toolbox along with the vast experience of Doctor Stephen himself.

Dr. Stephen's years of research of the various ancient Balance Systems and the newer Integrative Neuromuscular Acupoint System were finally put together, so to speak, while he lived and studied in Taiwan for 4 long years studying the more ancient and balance methods of acupuncture.

Dr. Stephen was always fascinated with groundbreaking research into what is termed Neuro-Acupuncture, the interpretation of Acupuncture from a Neurological perspective, which came to fruition during his Ph.D. thesis. 

Basically, it might be construed as the essentials to modern Neuroscience and its relationship to the field of Acupuncture. This led Dr. Stephen to postulate that Acupuncture was no longer a theory! 

These studies mixed with our own Neurological needle therapy have resulted in our “Incorporated Balance Method”, a new way of analyzing the networks of the human body’s energy channels and treating them instantly and successfully.

Our very own Balance Method works with the sophisticated relationships of the acupuncture meridians and modern day physiology. The results speak for themselves: instant clinical efficacy has become the hallmark of this mixture of Balance Methods.

Many of our patients can testify to this instant efficiency in reducing pain instantly when treated with only acupuncture to help achieve a healthy balance in life. In fact they are so very surprised at the instant results that many patients have remarked that if Dr. Stephen had been doing this a 100 years ago, he would be put to the fire!

Dr. Stephen’s own teaching came mostly from living in the USA for 10 years and then Asia for over 25 years and studying there.

He has also continued to study wherever he can and has been blessed with learning remarkable teachings from skilled and knowledgeable teachers from many forms of healing.

Besides further education in healing he also continued with newer on-line studies and received additional certification from new techniques that ultimately came from a mixture of Osteopathic and the wonderful Rolfing created by Dr. Eric Dalton, PhD., an internationally renown leader in modern bodywork. In this way he has kept abreast of the most modern techniques over the years.

All of these teachings over many, many years all have a pearl within them and it was up to us to put the worthy pearls together with his own studies to systematically and efficiently treat pain syndromes very successfully as we do now.

He literally can feel his way around a patient’s body!

Once again, our patients can, and do, attest to this remarkable skill.

The results speak for themselves: instant clinical efficacy has become the hallmark of this mixture of our “Incorporated Balance Methods”.

We mix our “Incorporated Balance Method” with various Osteopathic techniques and Neuromyosketetal procedures for total efficacy.

He knew full well that the neurological systems of the body were key factors in treating pain syndromes, similar to the core belief of Chiropractic and Osteopathic teaching and their core thinking that centers on the spine and its neural pathways and by treating problems with the spine can help alleviate problems elsewhere in the body.

That led Dr. Stephen to study other specialist needling besides INMAS that also encompassed this concept, as well as treating the normal trigger points and effected muscles. Intra Muscular Stimulation was one of the results of that training and very similar. This became his Incorporated Balance Method, a major component added to the Osteopathic and myofascial type core he had studied, along with balance type acupuncture, specialist muscle activation and stretching exercises and other major components that make this system work. It is continually growing, adapting and very dynamic in its totality.

Therefore, basically Dr. Stephen refined all the techniques and modalities and added cutting edge Neurological treatments, which became our unique “Incorporated Balance Method”that we use to great effect.

Although all of these systems put together work wonderfully to a limit, our very important skeletal alignment techniques are also a major factor where misalignment are very much key factors in the matter of the dynamics of the human body and in our overall treatment. 

We aim to match the most suitable techniques to different body types and conditions, drawing on our evidence-based research; our very unique system explores the physiological, neurological and psychophysiological responses of the human body and starts the healing process.

It was early in 1980 Dr. Stephen studied in the U.S.A. for what ultimately would achieve a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, (D.O.), on what was to be planned as an initial 5 year teaching that is equivalent to a Medical Doctor, (M.D.), but with a wider view of alternative medicine and a more in-depth degree than a British Osteopath, who is not trained as a physician or Medical Doctor.

Dr. Stephen eventually became a Certified Neuromyoskeletal, Postural and Pain Specialist.

This then brought in a final facet to the body’s dynamics and its treatment, which was that of the fascial system. Once disregarded completely by medical science, but now known to be the method in which the human body is able to stand upright and do what it does, otherwise we would all be puddles at our own feet. (see Muscles and Fascia).

The tensile strength of the fascial system is so strong it literally holds us together in a total web of finally balanced tension, each muscle, tendon, ligament, organs, each bone and collection thereof, is held together in what is called tensenegrity.

This is similar to how various structures in today’s engineering world are held together in perfectly balanced tension, so as to move easily, but not snap when huge loads are placed upon any one point, but work together and give and take in a mutual support. (see Muscles and Fascia).

Deep inside the study of modern psychology in 1993, Dr. Stephen struggled with Ericsonian methods of hypnosis but at that time failed to fully understand its very essence because of trying to mimic something that is un-mimicable (if you will).   

It was when he finally did it in the mid nineteen nineties, without frantically ‘trying’ as was usual at that time for him, and found himself using an induction that was suited to the individual he was working with almost without thought and resulted in a sudden deep trance state along with simple arm raising and he instantly cured a long term chronic case of severe handshake in that patient – without mentioning the impediment even once during the process. Even he was surprised!

This led to his complete reversion to something akin to the Human Givens psychological method, and of course Ericsonian hypnotherapy as being far superior to any other psychological systems out there today for psychotherapy and many other forms of healing connections, such as NLP and Pain Relief.

Such subtle input can benefit overall treatments, as long as the subject sincerely wants to be healed and become pain free.

That might seem a strange thing to say, but some do not, deep down inside them. They can’t let go and accept treatments, of any kind, and become what’s termed as ‘Doctor Hunters’ going from one modality to another and one doctor to another. Not far removed from Hypochondria nothing much works for these people.

As individuals they are all remarkably similar to each other actually, usually quite spoilt, often overweight, but there are exceptions but all chronically misaligned with very poor permanent postures and jobs that reinforce stress and/or poor posture at their work. Some are shockingly now of school age and their parents inadvertently instill this negative thought process, but they are already bent over with constant electronic devices and no exercise and starting to deform at such a young age. All however, are skeptics as to any treatment, which is the oxymoron that puts a cap on any treatment or modality that might otherwise work.

This is a shame and it is required that they wake up to the truth of the matter and look at their own body in a realistic manner. Once the truth dawns; they too can start the work of recovery, but it requires them to be onboard to ‘wanting’ to change!   

‘The final aspect to a long career in healing was after serving in the Armed Forces in the 1960’s that Dr. Stephen became interested in Hyperbaric Medicine and working with Oil and Gas deep sea divers in the early days that lead ultimately to Dr. Stephen being one of the early pioneers of study in Hyperbaric Medicineand was a forerunner in using effective treatments in both decompression and medical sickness.

He is of course an old and dear friend with our very own Mr. David Downie, CBE, of late running the Douglas Hyperbaric Chamber, but still thankfully running his very own chamber facility. He is renown throughout the world as a leading expert in Hyperbaric Medicine – a true pioneer that has lead the industry since its inception. It is a shame that the new charity, with not as much knowledge and not nearly the same experience as David that took over the Hyperbaric facility in Douglas and didn't realise how knowledgable and certainly experienced David was before letting him go and the Centre has never been the same since he left. Contributions would also never be the same.

While studying Tung Acupuncture in Taiwan in 1989, Dr. Stephen was taken on as an Associate Professor at the National Taiwan University teaching Hyperbaric Theory to a brand new class of students. His ability to speak Chinese of course was paramount in this position.

Many years have passed since the gifts of great and gifted visionaries were bestowed on Tracy and Dr. Stephen.

Dr. Stephen Percival learned these various systems while living in Asia for so many years. His ability to also speak Chinese made learning the more esoteric and ancient texts with its usually obscure teaching and reasoning of the Chinese belief systems of an ancient time thus easier for him to inherently understand and interpret.

Just as a side-bar Dr. Percival studied Yoga in India and lived with and studied under a Yoga Guru many years ago in the 1970's. He has also studied many forms of martial arts and Chi Gong for over 60 years, achieving black belts in many styles, the highest of which is 4th Dan.

He lived in the Suang Lim Temple with a Shaolin heritage learning Iron Hand techniques, Chi Gong and the ancient Shaolin healing techniques.  

He also started the very first official Muaythai (Thai boxing) club in Singapore. He still continues to practice, Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and other martial forms at 72 years young.


Clients suffering from chronic pain are confronted by a unique disorder—a personal experience unlike any other physical malady. While an X-ray can confirm a broken bone and an infection can be detected by a simple blood test, there are no universally reliable tests available to measure pain levels. Because of this, many common musculoskeletal complaints are incorrectly assessed and treated.

To achieve a noticeable reduction of increased excitability in the neuronal pool, the pain-generating stimulus must be interrupted until the memory burned into the nerve cells has been completely forgotten

For many chronic-pain cases, a serial-type deep-tissue therapy works best when clients are seen more than once until hyperexcited receptors feeding the CNS are quieted. This process helps inhibit the chemical activation of pain at the site of its peripheral stimulation and often allows the brain to downgrade the condition and relieve protective spasm.

Dr. Stephen reinforces the bodywork therapy using Intra Muscular Stimulation and specialised neural/nerve treatment, which can return the body to its design way and gain control of the CNS nervous system.

Of course, successful management of chronic pain depends on much more than intellectual knowledge. It must be teamed with keen observation skills, patience, compassion, and a constant reminder that the healer is, ultimately, within each client.

Tracy and Dr. Stephen only serve as helpful facilitators in the patient’s brain’s ongoing journey toward optimum health, and as Therapists we must learn to gratefully utilize the body’s innate self-regulatory system to help guide the therapeutic process.

Despite the variety of pain-management approaches available in today’s ever-expanding bodywork field, the therapeutic goal should remain the same: restoration of maximal pain-free movement within postural balance.

"The neuromusculoskeletal system must be assessed and treated as a whole, with muscle dysfunction considered in relation to the functional status of the whole motor system, including articular and nerve structures. Any change in the statics or dynamics of the distal trunk and lower extremities will, in some way, be mirrored in the function of the upper complex, and vice-versa."

Dr. Percival has ultimately developed a highly advanced skill in Pain Therapy and the complete relief of abject pain syndromes. Then the treatment goes into advanced facial correction and skeletal alignment to get the body back into its proper form and correcting years of postural abuse in a lasting treatment together with training in gait and correct walking.

Our Clinic's very successful treatment protocol and techniques have helped hundreds of people, even coming from as far away as France, Jersey and of course the UK.

Dr. Percival uses Hypno-Therapy and Binaural beat recordings(using our very own specially generated sounds mixed with Nature sounds) can be used to alter brainwaves to Alpha and Theta to assist in completely De-Stressing you, especially after a traditional massage from Tracy, which will truly transport you deep within yourself, relaxing you like you've never known before.

 Don’t live in pain – when there is an Alternative!

With so many therapies and proverbial doors to choose from, it is often confusing, but we think our door stands alone as the right choice!

You will too, once you take that step to being Pain Free and walk through our door.

Welcome to Chempaka Pain Relief Clinic

Come in and start your journey to being Pain Free!

See the Introduction and Services page for more information on our treatment or

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Pain Free and Happy!

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