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Pressure point therapy, in general, involves the pressing of specific body points. These body points are scattered all over the body, and many are regular Acupuncture Points and are pressed and manipulated to aid in general balancing and healing of the body, besides treating pain disorders.

It originated from China about 5,000 years ago. Instead of using needles to treat a particular disease, a certain amount of pressure is applied in its place, used together with deep tissue therapy.

Acupressure touches upon the old Chinese belief of Chi, chakras and energies. Acupressure is known to facilitate the flow of the vital energies in the body. The Chinese medicine of long ago believe that when the flow of the body's energy is hindered in any way, sickness will soon follow.

The act of pressing and manipulating the points firmly is the acupressure technique in itself. As the practitioner does that, the energy of the body begins to flow again toward the parts that are blocked and/or under illness or discomfort. The result is a gradual but effective way of healing.

The overall impact of the acupressure therapy is absolute relaxation and a wonderful loosening up.