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Low Level Light Therapy

(sometimes called Low Level Laser Treatment)

Low level treatment is a very safe, gentle, painless method of therapy.  

Our Clinic uses Low Level Laser and Infra Red therapy for over 4 years now and we have found it excellent for helping to heal scar tissue, both on the skin's surface and deep muscle fibrosis.

Low Level Laser treatment has been around for over 30 years and have a wide range of uses. Light therapy is being increasingly used by the medical profession because of the tissue regeneration effects

Therapeutic lasers are currently used in the treatment of ulcers, pain management, verrucae, non-needle acupuncture, osteoarthritis, foot, hip, knee, neck and back problems. LLLT is very versatile in use, speeding up healing and treatment times. A lot of research has been done on Low Level Laser Therapy with very positive outcomes. Treatment times are short and very manageable for the patient and therapist.

What is light therapy?

Low Level laser treatment is a beam of light that is reflected and is delivered effectively through hand held probes. 

These wavelengths of light stimulate healing cells in the body enabling it to heal itself. In the same way that plants respond to the sun light through photosynthesis our body responds to the healing effects of light therapy. Low Level 

Lasers must not be confused with a thermal laser as it does not burn or harm the skin.

How does Low Level Laser work?

A gentle powerful reflective beam of light is delivered through hand help probes in particular wave lengths which stimulate the healing cells in the body, enabling the body to heal itself. The body's pain mechanisms can be stimulated with light therapy, encouraging the body’s natural morphine, endorphins to have a significant effect in controlling pain.  

The effects of photosynthesis such as helping plants to grow have been well known for many thousands of years, dating back to the Egyptian times. Class 3 B lasers have been adapted to wonderful effect and are used by Podiatrists, physiotherapists in their clinics. It is the modern way of encouraging a very powerful light to heal the body.

Advantages of Low Level Laser Treatment

- Treatment Very short treatment times.

- Very safe, with just few a cautions for usage. Painless, gentle, therapeutic therapy.

- Reduction in dressings, drug costs and a reduced scarring in post surgery.

- Can be used in the treatment of chronic wounds, pain management, musculoskeletal

medicine and non needle acupuncture.

- Non invasive form of treatment.

- Evidenced based therapy with much research to back up its use. Speeds up healing

to enable the body to heal itself.

- Effects noticed after only 1-2 treatments.

With the non-invasive LLLT machine we can treat chronic pain conditions, trigger points, tendonitis, myofascial pain sites, and chronic joint pain in a way we had not been able to before. We have one of the most modern systems operating and it has been well received.

Light Therapy is backed by extensive research with well over 500 published clinical studies covering a number of soft-tissue injuries, healing of wounds, pain, and inflammatory conditions. These include more than 100 positive, double blind clinical studies (12), hundreds of positive in vitro studies, lots of animal studies, all pointing into one direction – that it works.

Since laser therapy works at a cellular level by improving the activity of cells in a reduced condition, almost any pathological situation will improve through laser therapy.

At the Chempaka Pain Relief Clinic, we use multiple cluster probes with light emitting diodes (LEDs) as the active sources. Cluster probes often pair infrared diodes together with laser diodes. The type of light we apply is a combination of red and far-red light using multi-probes. We are typically applying non-coherent, continuous or pulsed light.

Treatment once a week may be inappropriate for an acute condition but may be appropriate for a chronic condition. The pathology will determine the frequency of treatment. It is rather common to start a treatment series with two or three sessions per week and after some time go down to one treatment per week. In the clinical situation, the intervals can be related to the patient's response.

Such treatment coupled with our other Therapies or an Iban massage works extremely well to combine into a cohesive and pragmatic treatment regime.

We have found that this treatment, along with Ultra Sound therapy has been very successful in helping in sports injuries and our overall treatment of them.