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Offers and Pricing

Whether it is pure pampering and feel good treatments, or treatments to aleviate chronic pains, call us and we can prescribe the best regime to suit your own personal needs. 

For all the mentioned pain relief therapies or pampering and overall wellbeing treatments on this site in our peaceful surroundings, the following is a general guide.  

Our pain relief sessions can last from up to two hours and often another hour (at no extra cost to you) added to make three hours on a first visit.

That's right! We are not like some healers who stop after 15 - 30 minutes and ask you to come back again and again each week for years. We are here to help and we take our time analysing and treating the pain syndromes and root problems.

We feel that our prices are not only extremely competitive, but offer a whole lot more for ultimate pain relief and both body and mind therapy than any comparative treatments elsewhere. We cure pain!

It is not unusual for patients and clients to have compete pain relief in one session and their reaction is one of astonishment, thinking some miracle or magic has just happened.

Our prices for this treatment are so competitive for the amount of time we spend in therapy and for the unbelievable results we achieve we think you'll find us at bargain pricing.

Contact us so that we can discuss your needs and offer a complete package that will work especially for you at very reasonable rates.

Massage packages - for full–body pampering, is great for everyone!

We have treated a lady aged 95 years old and have many others as young as 72 years pregnant women. We carry out a full traditional Iban full body massage which lasts one and half hours – plus locating and often releasing any Trigger Points and relieving that pain. The massage is a complete De-Stress Programme.

Home visits

For a touch of decadence or perhaps personal needs, Chempaka Inner Sanctuary and the Pain Relief Clinic may be able to visit you in your home if you are unable to travel for one reason or another, or perhaps are in too much pain to travel.

It will never be the same experience as our wonderfully tranquil ambiance of our own Javanese Massage Room at our premises in Ramsey but in times of need we are willing to discuss personal visits and try to bring the experience to your home.

Prices vary according to selection of therapy required and your location and we can discuss your specific requirements and price accordingly.

Gift Vouchers

Treat your loved ones and friends to our healing touch with a voucher for any of our pain or health treatments, or even a full treatment and luxurious pampering massage, sent in a beautiful card with a personalized message. Ideal for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, or even staff rewards. Vouchers vary in price, dependent upon treatment chosen.

What a gorgeous and totally original gift! Show someone you care.

Tired - in chronic pain and in need of pain relief treatments - or just pure pampering with the most relaxing massage you might ever experience. 

Make that time now. Relax in the tranquil ambiance of our Javanese Massage Room bringing chronic pain relief, perfect harmony and balance to both body and soul.

Pain Relief that Works!


Not just a Massage; It's an Experience!