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Why us? Questions and Answers

At the Chempaka Pain Relief Clinic, Isle of Man; we are specialised therapists who use a mix of ancient and ultra-modern manual skills and Intra Muscular Stimulation and Acupuncture as an integrated approach to pain management and the facilitation of rehabilitation in musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Our Mission Statement is to Relieve Pain, Cure Sickness and Balance the Whole Body, resulting in a Pain and Stress Free Life with a new found life of Happiness.

People used to come to us as a last resort. Now they come to us as a Primary resort before all else! Our therapy is that good!

There are four main reasons patients consider our combined Physical therapy that includes Skeletal alignment, Massage, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT), and sometimes supported using Ultra-Sound, Low Level Laser and Infrared treatment, Chinese Herbs, Specialised Exercise Programmes and needling treatment, among others:

  • Most commonly, patients have a condition that does not respond to conventional care. They seek a treatment option that can effectively provide a solution to their healthcare issue.
  • Conventional treatment often requires drugs with undesirable side effects or an unwanted surgery to treat the condition; therefore an alternative medical option is sought.
  • Patients are taking many western drugs that are expensive, have side effects or interfere with one another. Often our therapy can treat these conditions so that the drugs can be withdrawn.
  • Patients seek a natural, holistic medical approach to healthcare.
  • Often patients come to us as a last resort, after trying everything else “out there” with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and and having paid a fortune over time with ongoing treatments from Chiropractors that don’t seem to last. We get the rough end of the stick, but still manage to send patients’ home relieved of their pain. Now they come to us a first line therapy should they suffer pain again.

Many years have passed since the gifts of great and gifted visionaries were bestowed on Tracy and I. Tracy is still eternally grateful to her Grandmother who taught her the secrets of a family tradition handed down for generations and since that time she has taken certification courses in many massage techniques, Specialized Cupping Therapy, Dry Needling and in becoming a Certified Therapist.

Dr. Stephen personally has been enlightened into various forms of Acupuncture and specialised Dry Needling techniques, such as IMS type treatments, and then added to the best of Osteopathy type treatments, Chinese Deep Massage, Trigger Points, and is a certified specialist in pain therapy and Neuro/Myoskeletal Manipulation Techniques .

We also believe we have learnt the best from the best and then refined and mixed the best of those modalities and discarded others and once again refined with much experience, love and care into one of the most highly effective pain treatment systems ever! This little introduction explains a little more.

Every day we become more convinced that for many Doctors and Therapists today managing the pain is simply an elusive journey that sidetracks them into addressing obvious problems, while frequently missing the real root cause of our clients’ dysfunction.

By focusing infinitely on the body’s complex systems of interconnecting networks, one can become lost in the minutiae without appreciating our built-in, self-sustaining system that thrives when the effects of gravitational strain are reduced by proper alignment. 

The old adage, “You can’t see the forest for the trees,” drives home the idea of embracing the natural order of balance and simplicity within the cinemascopic context of its overall complexity.

By integrating the technological advancements of today with the wisdom passed on from our great teachers, we can achieve the success we desire for our patients: pain-free, mobile and fully functioning. Our goal is to facilitate this in our therapy.

No therapeutic approach to pain management is satisfactory however, until body posture is generally improved. Whatever the cause of the client’s problem, special focus should always be given to posture. 

Overall body alignment may seem time consuming and is therefore frequently neglected because both therapist and client are often content with immediate symptom alleviation.

Fly-by on Pain Science in Manual Therapy

Working in the pain-management field is a challenging, yet exceptionally rewarding, experience.

Clients suffering from chronic pain are confronted by a unique disorder—a personal experience unlike any other physical malady. While an X-ray can confirm a broken bone and an infection can be detected by a simple blood test, there are no universally reliable tests available to measure pain levels. Because of this, many common musculoskeletal complaints are incorrectly assessed and treated.

To achieve a noticeable reduction of increased excitability in the neuronal pool, the pain-generating stimulus must be interrupted until the memory burned into the nerve cells has been completely forgotten

For many chronic-pain cases, a serial-type deep-tissue therapy works best when clients are seen twice weekly until hyperexcited receptors feeding the CNS are quieted. This process helps inhibit the chemical activation of pain at the site of its peripheral stimulation and often allows the brain to downgrade the condition and relieve protective spasm.

Dr. Stephen reinforces the body work therapy using INMAS and IMS type Needling and nerve treatment which can return the body to its design way and gain control of the CNS nervous system.

Of course, successful management of chronic pain depends on much more than intellectual knowledge. It must be teamed with keen observation skills, patience, compassion, and a constant reminder that the healer is, ultimately, within each client

Tracy and Dr. Stephen only serve as helpful facilitators in the patient’s brain’s ongoing journey toward optimum health, and as Therapists we must learn to gratefully utilize the body’s innate self-regulatory system to help guide the therapeutic process.

Despite the variety of pain-management approaches available in today’s ever-expanding bodywork field, the therapeutic goal should remain the same: restoration of maximal pain-free movement within postural balance.

"The neuromusculoskeletal system must be assessed and treated as a whole, with muscle dysfunction considered in relation to the functional status of the whole motor system, including articular and nerve structures. Any change in the statics or dynamics of the distal trunk and lower extremities will, in some way, be mirrored in the function of the upper complex, and vice-versa."

We have successfully treated people who have come to us as a complete LAST RESORT! They have almost given up and are starting to suffer from depression and anxiety, worsening the situation yet again.  

After treatment to ease the pain, we have to go to the core of the matter, to get the posture back to its original design and that often takes time!

After Skeletal Alignment, Trigger Point therapy and other specialised treatments that Dr. Stephen has compiled and devised over the years, we prescribe a system of exercises to be resolutely followed by the patient. Dr. Stephen has a unique set of exercises to assist in bringing the skeletal alignment back to its proper form.

We also incorporate other unique systems of simple exercise developed by the highly acclaimed Myofascial Therapist Dr. Eric Dalton, PhD., and also Pete Egoscue, an internationally renowned physiotherapist and exercise specialist. 

We have an astounding 97 percent success rate on first time visits and 99.9% for those that follow up with specialised therapy and resolutely follow our exercise protocols.

That is the revolutionary message of our breakthrough system for eliminating chronic pain without drugs, surgery, or expensive physical therapy and when followed has the gift of being Pain Free and we are proud to be able to utilize our system to help our patients carry on to regain their proper design form by teaching them the movements and then giving them homework to continue the treatment by themselves.

Many therapists work primarily with the muscles, bones and joints, (and TCM acupuncturists work with only traditional TCM protocols) as that is what they were all taught at their various schools and so tend to focus their studies and treatment only on those aspects.

However, it truly requires a broader understanding of the whole body and skeletal structures and have the experienced touch to be able work effectively on a remedial level and one that really works.

Unlike some therapists’ “one-routine-fits-all approach”, at Chempaka Inner Sanctuary and the Pain Relief Clinic, we explore posture, gait, lifestyle, stress factors, and individual needs and preferences, as well as the origin of aches and chronic pains to enable us to select the perfect personal treatments for your needs.

Rather than treat symptoms in isolation, it integrates the WHOLE person – body, mind and soul – to leave you pain free and feeling nurtured and relaxed on all levels.

Treatments are tailored to your very special and individual needs at each visit so you get exactly what you want out of each session. No two treatments and massages are completely the same.

Can your treatment help me if I’m healthy?

Yes, absolutely. Many patients come in for regular maintenance treatments to stay in ‘tip-top’ condition so they can fully enjoy life. Our Specialised Acupuncture is also a powerful preventative measure to keep patients healthy throughout the year and together with our combined Physical therapy, Skeletal alignment, Massage, including cupping, Lymph Management and our Acugraph Body Assessment (complete with print outs so that you can see your progress, strengths and weaknesses) and finally our Special Exercise routine so you can keep yourself in perfect balance and health, not to mention living Pain Free.

Often we can see subtle signs of disease processes at work before symptoms begin to interfere with daily life and effectively addresses these issues, preventing future problems from occurring. Because our follow up treatments are so deeply relaxing, many patients find regular, maintenance treatments beneficial for stress relief and living life to its fullest.

The results of our treatments speak for themselves: instant clinical efficacy has become the hallmark of our Method. 

Do I need to keep coming after my symptoms are gone?

Generally speaking, once symptoms no longer occur, a clinical cure is achieved. Depending on the nature and history of the disorder, and the specific postural disposition of the patient/client future treatments are usually not necessary to prevent recurrence if the Special Exercises are continued. However, exceptions to this are for usually for people with poor posture or chronic conditions that tend to recur, such as back pain and allergic problems. A system of Maintenance is usually suggested, which will not impossibly impact finances and will maintain your health in many ways you never thought possible.

What are Maintenance tune Ups’?

Some patients like to come on a fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis for preventative care. These types of treatments are nicknamed ‘tune-ups’. Just as we get regular maintenance on our cars, our bodies need regular maintenance to keep them healthy too.

At our Clinic we tend to see subtle signs of postural problems, jpain instigators and disease processes and can address these issues in a few tune-up treatments, thus avoiding the development of more serious health problems that start to seriously and detrimentally impact on one's life

These preventative care visits are especially important for patients with long-standing, chronic conditions that tend to recur, such as chronic back pain, physical anomalies or allergic problems. Because our treatments are so deeply efficacious and ultimately relaxing, many patients also find regular maintenance treatments beneficial for stress relief.

Does our treatment hurt?

The INMAS/IMS type process in the specialized treatment of Trigger Points and Myofascial dysfunction using an acupuncture needle doesn’t hurt much and in fact most of our patients don’t even know the needle is being used to start with. When extremely taught and dysfunctional muscles are released the patient often experiences specific muscle twitching and muscle release ache, caused by the muscle release and sudden flood of blood to the newly opened and functioning mucles and may leave some small bruising, which will go away and then - no more pain at all.

In using only our Acupuncture treatments, the vast majority of patients do not consider acupuncture a painful procedure either. Patients often feel a ‘Qi’ sensation when the needle is inserted and is what is expected and actually required for a successful treatment: most feel nothing at all. 

These ‘Qi type sensations’ range from warmth or tingling, to a brief ache or heaviness in the area being needled and often comes and goes, or moves around from area to area as the treatment takes effect and works. Qi sensations are generally only felt on one or two of the acupuncture points. They certainly indicate favorable results from the acupuncture treatment, as Qi has been strongly contacted.  

The stronger the sensation; the better it often is. By and large patients describe these sensations as fleeting and the treatment experience as deeply relaxing, not forgetting that the whole treatment has worked to alleviate the pain and problems; the ultimate aim of the therapy in the first place. In fact, many patients find acupuncture so relaxing that they fall asleep during treatment and go into a dreamy state induced by the endorphins released during treatments.

Are the needles safe?

Yes; absolutely. We always use sterile, disposable needles and keep hands and clinic surfaces scrupulously clean. The needles are used once on each patient and then disposed of in biohazard containers. These containers are sent to a medical waste management company for proper disposal according to laws and regulations.

I would like to begin treatment; what do I do next?

Call 01624 817844 to schedule an initial consultation and treatment with us. 

The initial consultation often consists of a comprehensive health evaluation if required, followed by a treatment that patients often are surprised at in alleviating their ailments almost completely and instantly during that first specialized treatment).  

If further treatment is necessary, a treatment plan can then be developed that will best meet your needs.